Learn From Great Customer Service Providers

BT-apologises-for-broadbandWhile most companies say they have a great customer service, in reality few business can really attest that they have provided an exceptional customer service and has satisfied their customers.

A study in 2013 regarding “customer rage” found out that 50% of American household experienced a bad customer service over the year. And to top their disappointment, 56% of those who submitted a complaint did not get any feedback at all causing many to get very angry or mad due to their experience.

In the UK, 66% of UK consumers believe customer service has either stayed the same or deteriorated over the past three years. Only 3% believe it has improved a lot and 22% a little.

These companies should know that if they cannot handle a complaint well, then they will typically get less loyal customers. Don’t they realize that it is not enough to ask their representatives to smile when someone walks in the door or be cheerful while on a call? Admittedly these things no doubt helps, after all first impression always sets out the vibe. But it is the positive and truthfully genial mentality and disposition that their customer service team embodies that makes their customers satisfied, elated and keep coming back for more.

Here are effective practices of companies known for delivering great customer service that UK companies can learn from:

Hire Friendly, Helpful People at All Levels of the Organization

The first key step to ensure happy and well-served customers is by hiring people who do not only have the right skills but those who have the right personality as well. Hiring divas may only wreck customer experience. Skills can always be taught through trainings, it is more difficult and often times a folly to try to train people to have the right attitude.

Train Employees to Be Focused on Serving Customer Needs

Once the right person is hired, it would be easy to train them how to serve their customers most effectively without sacrificing a happy experience that they would want to come back to. The training should be a mixture of product or service knowhow in order for them to answer questions about your products or services, and how to function in the most effective fashion while dealing with real-life situations such as an irate customer.

Making Training Continuous and Not a One-Time Event

Unlike many companies who limit their employee training to the first few days or weeks on the job, companies who are known for their excellent customer service make the training of their employees a continuous process while aiming to embed a strong customer service in its culture.

Building a Culture Around Offering Great Service

filesIn order to stand out in customer service, these companies strive to ingrain quality not just among their frontline employees but also throughout their organization. Everyone should be on board because great customer service starts at the top, with the leader who defines what the service will be, demonstrating it through his own actions disseminating it down through.

Focus on Creating an Amazing Customer Experience

A lot of companies flail at customer service because they are focused on their bottom line that they tend to overlook the effect their policies are having on their customers. Tale for example free shipping. It is common knowledge that customers like free shipping when buying online, well, who wouldn’t? However, most companies even charge higher than expected shipping fees causing customers to abandon their carts.

Treat Employees Like Gold

To have happy customers companies should have happy, engaged employees to look after them that is why employees should be treated with care and respect all the time.

One perfect example is Sky. A telecommunications provider in the UK. Sky is one such company whose goal is to deliver the best customer service there is. Sky may have encountered various complaints and dealt with several unsatisfied customers – but still this never stopped the company in doing its best to enhance Sky customer service.

This is to ensure that the customers get the quality service they deserve. Sky improved its customer service process through expansion of available networks where customers can air their concerns. This is a good signal that Sky is maintaining its promise to its customers and that is – to make the feel valued and address their concerns well.